Financial management is often bewildering for many of us, especially when our money is dispersed across various accounts, credit cards and assets. cOntrol provides a 1-stop solution by allowing people to connect to all their various accounts at once and receive physical feedback about their financial situation.
cOntrol is a self banking service for the near future. It allows a person to literally “feel” their finances and use this feedback to comfortably manage their financial actions. A wearable ring emits temperature–heating when the user earns money, and cooling when the user spends money. A mobile application allows for private financial management through goal setting and an overview of detailed transactions.
In this one-week video prototyping workshop, we staged experiential representations of how this banking service could look, feel, and elicit interactions. Through a 30-second video prototype, a user’s banking experiences with cOntrol are visualized over the course of a day. As the day becomes more hectic and the pace of the video increases, the ring continues to provide unobtrusive feedback that reassures the wearer. At the end of the day, the user returns home and uses the application to review the data from the day’s financial activity.
Our main learnings from this course centered around the process of creating a video prototype. We learned how to outline storyboards, structure a scene, film, edit, and use post-production. We also learned about basic film photography concepts like animation, pace, and the use of sound. If we were to refine this video, we would simplify the narrative further and focus on a smaller aspect of the interaction. We would also use a higher quality camera and control the lighting of the different scenes for better quality video output.

Team: Francesca Desmarais, Peter Otto Kuhberg, Samantha Lim

Role: Concept, Video editing and effects

Date: 27. maj 2015

Categories: Video prototyping