Something with Salad is a healthy delivery service which distributes professionally catered food to students in Copenhagen at affordable prices.

During this one week workshop on business and entrepreneurship, we focused on the take-out market in Copenhagen. Despite the growing popularity of lunch caterers in other cities, the market for take-out is quite unsaturated in Copenhagen. We saw a large opportunity to move into this market and serve students and busy working adults who may not be able to go out for lunch.



Serving a two-sided market, Something with Salad buys healthy lunches from professional caterers and delivers them to groups of customers at set locations around Copenhagen. Schools and small businesses can subscribe to our service and then we exclusively serve their students and staff on a per-lunch basis. Customers have the choice between vegetarian and meat lunches, but a key part of the service is surprise. Each meal is high quality and healthy, but always different depending on the day’s ingredients and season. By having a limited menu, and delivering a volume of lunches to the same location, Something with Salad is able to offer lower costs than other take-out alternatives in Copenhagen.



Through this course we learned how to analyze a market, test a Minimal Viable Product, use the lean start-up approach, and design basic cost and revenue structures. We interviewed students, small business employees, caterers, and green grocers. We also created an experience prototype and sold and delivered lunches for 10 working adults and 2 students.

Team: Chia Yu Hsu, Francesca Desmarais, Haz Roth, Peter Otto Kuhberg

Role: Concept, Graphics

Date: 27. maj 2015

Categories: Service design